Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not nuts.

'Nut' in Spanish is 'nuez'. However, 'nuez' means only walnut. 'Nuts', as we classify them in English, come under 'frutos secos' here.

Horchata de Chufas
An ancient drink made from chufas, or tiger nuts, the tuberous roots of a sedge-family plant (so not a 'nut' at all, or a dried fruit), Horchata de Chufas is said to be named after a king's remark to a girl who had given him the drink: "aixo es or, xata" (this is gold, cutie - !): 'xata' being an affectionate Catalan term for a child.
Make your own horchata - from tiger nuts or from chufas.

And peanuts, or groundnuts, aren't nuts at all, either; neither in English nor Spanish - they're legumes (legumbres), same as peas and beans.

'Peanut' translates as 'cacahuete' or 'maní'; both Amerindian words.


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