Sunday, October 30, 2005

Moscatel and 'Moscatel'.

Blogging intermittently - still busy.

That calendar job was done; then came ID for a new company; and now a newsletter's to be done. So I'm still buried - today with a bottle of Moscatel* - and, for full immersion, listening to 'Moscatel', sung by Juanito Valderrama.

I can't find the song 'Moscatel' on the internet, but you can hear Valderrama's 'El Emigrante'.

These are the first few lines:
Tengo que hacer un rosario
con tus dientes de marfil
para que pueda besarlo
cuando esté lejos de ti,
sobre sus cuentas divinas
hechas de nardo y jazmín
rezaré pá que me ampare
aquella que está en San Gil.
I was interested to note that the word 'nardo' appears here. This flower name is used frequently by Lorca, and appears variously translated as 'tuberose', 'lily' and 'spikenard'. I plan to post again on Lorca's 'tuberoses'.

* a liqueurous wine.


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