Sunday, July 02, 2006

Roland from Poland.

I'm in a work loop, so posts are rare. I'm listening though, and because it's good I'm posting this, even though it's off topic.

'Roland from Poland - Asylum Seeker'. Rightly described as 'innovative breakbeat tunes' - from Tim Taylor.

The critics say:
"A triumph of DIY ethics" The Wire
"One of the most impressive albums of the year." Venue

Free to download at laundry-room (visit 'The Sink'): well worthwhile.


Blogger green lung said...

Happy you appreciated my music, BUT, those guys at 'The Sink' were stealing. I'm not as successful as Radiohead and can't just give my work away. Most people my age have a house, cars and a family - all I have is compliments from people like you.

Cheers anyway ; )

Tim Taylor
aka Roland From Poland

7:04 PM  

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